I Make Things

(with yarn mostly)

I Make Things With Yarn

A lifetime ago I learned the basics of crocheting and knitting with only minimal help and not many resources. Then YouTube exploded and it became a place of learning and creativity I had access to before. Connecting with a couple of the early online hosts helped answer the many questions and doubts I had in those trying it once again days. I can say unabashedly that I flourished in advancing skills and now will often take on complex patterns just for fun.

I do not do this work for money and I do not take orders for anything as I find I would rather pick what I want to work on next. Having said that, I often give most of it away to folks who appreciate the work.

But I do love to show what I have done Check it out HERE

But Now, I Am Also Making A Book

A new opportunity has landed on my doorstep and I am taking the next steps not knowing where this will land. I am writing a book about a group of victims/survivors who set out to change the world, at least the child sexual abuse world.  They, to this day, have not seen the full fruition of their long work to change PA state statutes in the way they hoped. But they, along with many other survivors, changed the dialogue and the landscape and many laws were changed. They are representative of a much larger group worldwide that has consistently called for justice, for accountability, for healing.

If you want to join me in the backstory of the book as it is being developed go HERE.